WildRename 2.00

A convenient way to rename multiple files


  • Includes many renaming options
  • Clear, nice interface
  • Simulation option to preview results
  • Can be embedded in Windows Explorer


  • Preview is not in real time

Very good

WildRename is a file renaming tool that enables you to rename multiple files at the same time, therefore saving you loads of time and typing.

The program features a nicely designed interface, something I really appreciated as this kind of programs usually feature quite confusing menus. There are several renaming options, including the most basic ones (adding or removing characters) and also some advanced options such as changing case or replacing text strings by some completely new words.

I specially liked the possibility to simulate changes, so that you get a preview of how the new file names are going to look like before applying any definitive change to them. However this previewing option would be much more useful and effective if you could see it in real time and didn't have to actually process files.

Other interesting features in WildRename are the possibility to perform several renaming task on a row, save those tasks as a renaming job that you can use later on and also embed WildRename as a new command in the SendTo menu in Windows Explorer's context menu.

WildRename is a full-featured file renaming tool that will help you rename tons of files in just a few clicks.

WildRename is a multi-file renaming application for Microsoft Windows users. Its very simple user interface helps you build and perform many file renaming operations one-by-one or in batches.

In brief, WildRename helps you:

  • convert filenames to lower/upper case or normalise case (Capitalize First Letter)
  • add or remove strings of characters from filenames
  • replace strings of characters in filenames, using either simple replacements or powerful regular expressions
  • add text counters to a series of files (e.g. 0001_filename.ext)



WildRename 2.00

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